About Aitareya Studio

Founded by veteran business acumen Malav Patel and Shruti Patel, Aitareya design studio is a made-to-order retail furniture brand that creates ready to purchase, custom and bespoke furniture. With function and innovation as the cornerstone of all the products that our skilled team of local artisans create, we deliver end-to-end turnkey furniture projects and custom furniture designs. To put our USP in a statement, we bring the best of traditional craftsmanship of our Indian heritage and marry them with the modern designing concepts to deliver a fine and quality piece of furniture that can become a part of your space and your legacy.

Our 3 Pillars of strength

Get the best of Innovation and Function

No matter what design or piece of furniture you get from Aitareya, we aim at creating a design that not only matches your design vision and surroundings, but it also stands true on its purpose and provide optimum functionality.

Think Global and Act Local

We bring on table the skill and cultural lineage of our local craftsman and deliver furniture that align them with the minimalistic modern design. The idea is to bring the best of both worlds and revive the faith of Indian audience in our traditional skill and Indian heritage while putting our craftsmen on the global map by matching international standards.

Client’s Vision is our Design Aesthetics

Especially when we collaborate with interior designers and architects, our experts understand Client’s vision and create custom designs that convert client’s vision into a beautiful piece of art. We at Aitareya deploy a team of dedicated craftsmen that can cater to all Client’s requirements and can also adhere to Client’s quality, design and timeframe commitments.

Our Story

By getting inspired from the Bali’s local craftsmanship, Malav Patel envisioned a dream to restore Indian Craftsmanship to its former glory. With this vision, he along with his 30 years of experience of Jewellery retailing experience started Aitareya in the year of 2019. The idea of creating an Indian furniture brand with local craftsmen was unconventional and unheard of in the competitive furniture market. While the commercial brands focused on cheap and functional products being imported from various countries, Aitareya focused on our Indian art and local craftsmanship.

But, with unflinching belief in our vision and our cultural lineage, we created a design studio that accumulates designers, cutting-edge manufacturing unit and local craftsman under one roof. And in a short span, we established Aitareya as a trusted brand with our exceptional craftsmen, customer-centric business processes and sense of design understanding. Our exceptional designs and our business approach gave us recognition in the market and with the architects and designers inclined to rely on local talent because of our customization capabilities; Aitareya became a renowned brand amongst reputed architects and interior designers.

Our Mission

Our vision is to promote and encourage the local craftsmanship and make Aitareya a renowned Indian brand amongst the interior designers and architects. Contributing to the Make in India drive, we wish to encourage our customers to put their trust in the Indian Craftsmanship and Aitareya, as a leading Indian Furniture Brand.

Our mission is to collaborate with elite designers and architects of India and make Aitareya the address of trust and innovation in the furniture industry. By constantly refining our processes and employing best business practices, we aim to marry the skill of our local talent with the international design vision and discipline to win the trust of our customers.

Meet our team

Malav Patel

founder and managing director

Malav Patel is the founder and managing director of Aitareya. With more than 30 years of experience in jewellery retailing, he spearheads Aitareya and overlooks all its business aspects with his vision and entrepreneurial mindset, he defines and monitors business planning, key accounts management, team building, business development and sales operations of Aitareya.

Shruti Patel

Creative head and interior stylist

Shruti Patel is the Creative head and co-founder of Aitareya. With her design understanding she guides the customizations and furniture designs. Right from understanding the requirements of the clients to executing the same with her interpretational skills, she is the brains that connect our craftsmen skills with our client’s vision.

Kratika Sharma

Business head

Kratika Sharma is the Business head (Operations) of Aitareya. With entrepreneurial people’s skills she manages production & client communications. With 5 years of experience in furniture manufacturing she makes sure that any client’s dream is converted into reality through bespoke craftsmanship in every piece of furniture.